About MAD Energy


I am Michele A. Dow, Head Keeper of MAD Energy.  MAD Energy got it’s name from:

1.  my initials (Michele A. Dow – not  as in crazy kook)

and my desire to

2.  Make A Difference.

Make a difference how?  By offering products and services that impact the amount of natural gas and electricity we use (less is better) and the amount of money we spend on utility-type services (less is definitely better!)

Based in St. Louis, MO, we began business life in 2005 installing vehicle window film.  Inspired by the energy efficient properties of solar window film, I  continued my education in energy efficiency and began to expand by including more energy efficient  and essential products and services for both Residential and Commercial properties. I believe every effort we make to decrease energy consumption creates a ripple effect of energy savings and environment protection not only for our customer, but for our planet.  Are you looking for even more opportunities to reduce your carbon foot-print?  We can introduce you to Solar Energy and Lighting Specialists.

Having come from humble beginnings, I empathize with those who spend so much on the “have to” expenses that there isn’t much left over for the “want to”  experiences. Often the big box utility-type service providers start out overcharging us, then raise their rates again and again.  And again and again. You know how this story goes – you see it on your bills every month.  The bills that  you can never pay off.  The bills you have to pay if you want to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, talk/text and communicate on your phones and computers, watch television, etc.  We offer a residential and commercial Complimentary Utility Cost Analysis to discover if you can reduce your current expenses while keeping or exceeding your current level of service.  I like helping you get the biggest bang for your buck so you can worry less and have more…..fun, savings, cute shoes…whatever your more of choice is.

 MAD Energy Quality Statement

MAD Energy guarantees you money and energy saving products and services at a fair price while providing you with unparalleled customer service.

“Customer service has always been huge to me.  Having customers who consider their purchase an investment and happily refer you to their friends and family – how does it get better than that?”  Michele A. Dow, Owner

We are proud to provide products that help our customers keep more of their money, aid in reducing energy consumption and we support local events that help educate consumers on products or services that are on a similar path.  MAD Energy strives to increase awareness of how we treat our Earth and what we CAN do to help her.  Many people think our Earth is so big, what can one person do?  Well, the Earth isn’t so big anymore and there is plenty we can do.  As more individuals do something, one thing, we are making a positive impact. We can protect and preserve our environments, one choice at a time

“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster it’s renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.”      Wendell Berry

Service Area

We gladly service the Missouri Counties of  St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren, Franklin.  This includes the following Municipalities:  St. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon, Dardene Praire, Lake St. Louis, New Melle, Wright City, Warrenton, Wentzville, Chesterfield, Ladue, Grover, Wildwood,  Kirkwood, St. Louis, Hazelwood, Ferguson, Florissant, St. Ann, Maryland Heights, Frontenac, Clayton, Maplewood, Webster Groves, Brentwood and Bridgeton.  If you’re outside these areas, simply call us and we can let you know if you’re in our service area but just not listed here.