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MicheleDowPicHi, I’m Michele Dow, Owner of MAD Energy.  It is my passion to help make the world we live in a better place.  For the past 10 years, I have sought out products and services I could align myself with that allowed me to leave a positive mark on our planet, either through giving back or protecting our environment.  In doing so, I am even more excited to be able to help other families and businesses save money and join me on a path to reduce our carbon footprint and help make our world more vibrant and kind.

Based in St. Louis, MO, I began business life in 2005 installing vehicle window film.  Inspired by the energy efficient properties of solar window film, I  continued my education in energy efficiency and began to expand by including more energy efficient  and essential products and services for both Residential and Commercial properties. I believe every effort we make to decrease energy consumption – whether at home or in the office – creates a ripple effect of energy savings and environment protection not only for our customer, but for our planet.  For this reason, I have aligned myself with trusted professionals who provide Solar Window Film, Solar Window Shades, and Solar Panels.

Having come from humble beginnings, I empathize with those who spend so much on the “have to” expenses that there isn’t much left over for the “want to”  experiences. Often the big box utility-type service providers start out overcharging us, then raise their rates again and again.  And again and again. You know how this story goes – you see it on your bills every month!  The bills that  you can never pay off.  The bills you have to pay if you want to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, talk/text and communicate on your phones and computers, watch television, etc.  It was When I came across the ACN Opportunity, it seemed like a natural fit to compliment my passion.  Not only did they connect me to the utility market on a whole different level, but they offered me a stable business opportunity, and incorporated a component that spoke to my heart – feeding children who are without meals in our own country.

I invite you to browse my STORE where select products purchased will feed hungry children in the USA.  If you’re seeking a career change, or looking for supplemental income, I also invite you to consider the ACN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.  Not only have I been blessed with an amazing amount of support and resources that support my passion; but I have met amazing people, who share my passion of “Making A Difference.”

Did You Know That Paying Your Monthly Utility Bills Could Provide a Meal To a Hungry Child in the USA?

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